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Overview Of An Electrician In Coral Springs

If you have ever been without electricity for even a short time, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The electrical system provides us with temperature control, heating, and cooling, medical procedures such as breathing assistance and many other benefits. When any of these systems and devices fail to operate, you need qualified services of an electrical contractor. Are you searching for an electrician in Coral Springs? Do you need electrical services in Coral Springs or the nearby communities? Danto Electric has the knowledge and experience to provide safe and affordable services for businesses and homeowners.

Businesses and homeowners looking for electrical contractors can come to us for state certified and licensed electrical services in Coral Spring, Florida. We serve Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We provide affordable and safe electrical work. If you need to comply with your homeowner’s insurance company for repairs, panels or even a complete re-wire, we have the knowledge and experience to take on the work.

If you need to ensure that you have backup power in the event of a failure of the electrical grid, we have solutions with the line of Generac Generators. Danto Electric is the local dealer for both residential and commercial generator applications. The Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) cannot lose power, because of the risk to health and life of the residences. We are state-certified and licensed to perform electrical work in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

If you are looking to update your outdoor or indoor lighting fixtures to LED equipment, or if you want to upgrade outside service or your indoor panel we can help. We provide highly skilled services for our customers remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. Our upgrade services and replacement services are affordable and high quality. Out business as a state-certified electrical contractor has been operating for more than four decades.

The state and local requirements for accurate installation and repair of electrical panels have occasional revisions. We stay informed on regulations and are constantly upgrading our training and knowledge. This attention to the quality of the work we do is what keeps us operating and satisfying our customers year after year. We do fast response times and are available when emergencies happen. We can get your business or industry facilities back in operation quickly, so you don’t lose customers, or suffer from costly downtime.

Businesses and homeowners searching for an electrical contractor in Coral Springs FL should call 305-345-9593 today!

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