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What To Know About An Electrical Contractor In Coral Springs

Living in the world of today is quite dependent upon electrical systems. Much of the lighting, heat, and communications systems are based on a supply of functioning electricity. Few individuals today know what it is like to be without electricity. When we lose power, we look for prompt and accurate services to restore the supply of power. Are you looking for information about an electrical contractor in Coral Springs? Do you need electrical service in the Florida area around Coral Springs? Danto Electric, Inc. is noted for its reliable and professional service in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

There is a particular need for power to operate health care facilities such as assisted living facilities (ALFs). Many caregivers rely on dependable power sources to maintain health and safety for their elderly residents and patients. Danto not only takes care of repairs and maintenance of systems but can install high-quality generators as a backup. Danto Electric is the local Generac Generator dealer. This line of equipment is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, including Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs). As the demands on business and residential systems increase, the technology must maintain the infrastructure to take care of the requirements.

Our state-certified and licensed electricians can help you meet the requirements of homeowner’s insurance carrier requirements. Whether you are looking for panels, repairs or a total re-wire, we have the knowledge and experience to complete the project with precision. When these features are needed, the services of a professional are required for the purpose of installation. The same is true of needed repairs.

We can assist with affordable system upgrades, whether it is a new or larger panel that is needed or other additions to your system. Perhaps your insurance carrier has set out standards to pass inspection requirements. Often the rising needs for power are more intensive than an existing system can tolerate. We handle FPE, Zinsco, and Challenger panels which can be required by insurance companies.

We have more than four decades of electrical contracting experience, in addition to the formal training which is required by the industry. We are certified by the State of Florida. Upgrading your indoor or outdoor lighting to incorporate energy-saving LED lighting is one of our project lines. You can check out our online portfolio to see other options which are available from Danto Electric.

If you need assistance with electrical issues, we are the electrician in Coral Springs, FL you can trust. You can call 305-345-9593 today!

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