Installation, Service, and Repair

Looking for Affordable Electric Wiring Upgrades Near Coral Springs, FL?

Endless Possibilities

As a State Certified Electrical Contractor, with over 40 years experience, we are well equipped to serve all your electrical needs in the Tri-County area.

Looking to upgrade your indoor and outdoor lighting to energy saving LED? Looking to upgrade your indoor panel or outside service? Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? We can do it all….

Affordable Upgrades

  • Electrical Service Upgrades:

    • FPE/Zinsco/Challenger Panel (Insurance required)

  • Replacements:

    • Residential Installation, Service, and Repair

    • Commercial Installation, Service, and Repair

Have Questions?

If you would like to discuss the needs of your current electrical system or if you have any questions regarding our company, we invite you to call us today!

Broward & Palm Beach: 305-345-9593

Miami-Dade: 305-345-9593